Rock The Leaves 2017 kicks it OLD SCHOOL

The 11th Annual Rock the Leaves Music Festival will be held at 2:00 PM on August 13th, 2017. This event will feature FREE food, inflatables, face painting, live music, and fun activities for the whole family! Returning artist Bread of Stone will be headlining the stage, accompanied by local musicians such as The Denby Forest, Famous Faces, Joe Davis, and Daniel Starks. 

Back when Rock the Leaves started over 10 years ago the running joke was that the event centered around raking leaves rather than rocking them. Now after a decade of rocking for a reason, the “Leaf Rockers” of RTL Entertainment are looking to continue with their mission of bringing life changing musical experiences to western ND. 

"2017 will be a unique year for us because we are in a building phase where we are asking people to get behind us a little more than just attending our events. Now for the first time ever you can sign up for a concert membership with RTL Entertainment and receive exclusive deals while you’re at it,” said RTL Entertainment founder Dan Hansen.

2017 is also unique because the RTL crew is combining the new with old. Back when the event started, the event took place at Minot’s Oak Park. Now after a flood and several moves, Rock the Leaves will return to Oak Park.

Several other aspects of the old school Rock the Leaves returning for 2017 include free food for all attendees, and the ability to enjoy the live music all around the park. Other fun things that make this event the ultimate family-friendly event are face painting, games, and numerous inflatables, with more to be announced closer to the event. That is right moms and dads, Rock the Leaves is indeed an event that is fun for both you and your kids! 


The event will kick off at 2pm that Sunday afternoon and wrap up later that evening. 

Tickets will be available to purchase starting June 12th at Gideon’s Trumpet and Jacobsen Music. 

For more info visit or email